The .NG domain extension is a unique identity and country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Nigeria on the internet. It is great for businesses and individuals interested in expanding their brand or service in Nigeria. Whether an indigene or a foreigner, a .NG domain registration will give your website the local presence and credibility it needs to succeed and easily reach your target market/audience in Nigeria by helping your SEO ranking on search engines for words in the region.

This .NG top level domain has a global significance for many English language words by the pairing of the .NG TLD as a suffix .i.e. Sing.ng, Shoppi.ng, Samsu.ng etc

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is the name of your website. For example rythost.com. In this example "rythost" is the Domain Name and ".COM" at the end of the name is the domain extension. Whenever you enter any website name in your browser, it looks up the IP address of that domain name on the internet and takes you to the right addresss. A good & memorable domain name is the first most important step towards starting your website. So remember to keep it short, simple and easy to remember so that your customers can easily find you online.

How to choose a good Domain Name?

Your domain name is your entry point on the internet. So we have created a 3 points checklist for you to keep in mind when choosing a domain for your website:

Keep it Short: Because short domain names are easy to remember. You may see this with various cool domains such as rythost.com, bbc.com and jiji.ng etc. Keep it related to your niche: If you are registering domain for your blog then you can use your name & end the name with blog. So for example: if your name is "Lucy" then you can create something like "lucysblog.ng". Domain extension: Choosing the right extension is very important for your website as it lets your visitors connect with your brand & online identity. So you must choose it carefully.

We recommend, if you are creating your website for Nigeria then you should go for a .ng or .com.ng domain extension. It will let your visitors know that you are from Nigeria. Most importantly, .ng & .com.ng are very brandable in Nigeria & will help you rank higher on Google Search in Nigeria. But if you want to create a global website then you should go for a .com domain name. Generally we recommend you to have both .com & .ng domains for your brand protection.

How long does it take to register a Domain?

Its takes less than 5 minutes to search & book your domain. You just need to search your name from the above search box, then place the order & finally make the payment. You will get instant activation of your domain as soon as your payment is made at rythost.com. Once its active, you can then start using your domain name for your website.

What is a premium domain?

A Premium Domain is a domain that already has an owner, but is being resold at a higher value to a potential end user. (Or, with the debut of New TLDs, a domain that the registry has reserved as Premium stock and thus priced higher than normal.)

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